Which Aquarium Fish Live the Longest?

So you’ve got yourself a fish tank that you’re looking to fill up with some aquarium buddies? Well, it may serve you well to know which species of fish live the longest. As long as you provide a healthy environment and proper feeding, the following species of fish will be around for plenty of years … Read more

How Often Should You Clean a Fish Tank?

Many people think that an aquarium doesn’t need to be cleaned that often. However, a dirty aquarium can cause huge problems and may lead to the premature death of your fish. Regular maintenance of your fish tank will keep your fish happy and healthy, but how often should you clean your fish tank? Read on … Read more

Best Low-Maintenance Fish for Beginners

Selecting fish for your first freshwater aquarium can be an exciting but also daunting task. Before you go out to the pet store and pick a random type of fish, it’s worth knowing which species are more beginner-friendly than others so as not to burden yourself with too much responsibility too early. Let’s first discuss … Read more

Do Goldfish Need a Filter?

The answer is yes, goldfish do need a filter. Due to the fact that they consume a lot of food and don’t really have stomachs to store that food, goldfish tend to leave behind tons of waste. Left unfiltered, a waste-filled tank will poison your goldfish. The accumulation of such waste in a fish tank … Read more

Can Fish Drown?

The simple answer to this age-old question is yes, fish can down. However, the terminology isn’t the most accurate description of what really happens because fish don’t drown, they suffocate. But how can fish suffocate in its natural habitat? Well, there are a few reasons: lack of oxygen in the water, overcrowding, or damage done … Read more